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The One and Only
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Liebe Leute,

hier ein Artikel von www.fashion18.com


Who knew that turtles could turn a girl into a superstar?

They sure worked for everyone's favourite new teen star Mischa Barton. In case you've been living under a TV rock, Mischa stars as the beautiful but messed-up Marissa Cooper on TV's latest monster hit The O.C. She may play a Prada-clad princess now, but she was discovered as a gawky 8-year-old at summer camp while she was performing a monologue about-no joke-turtles. An agent in the audience detected gold, helped her land a role in an off-Broadway play and-ta-dah!-a career was born. And now it's taking off like mad.

"If I didn't have crazy hippie parents who insisted on travelling around all the time and letting my sisters and me do whatever we wanted, I probably wouldn't be here," laughs Mischa.

Tan and gorgeous in a green mini-dress, she's sitting on a sofa in the lobby of a California hotel, where The O.C. is shooting for the morning.

"It's been a good year. My parents got divorced, my dad went bankrupt and I OD'd!" Marissa quips in the New Year's episode. But Mischa's year-a blur of magazine covers, red-carpet appearances, backstage passes and various other sudden celeb perks-went far more smoothly, to say the least.

"I've been busy," she sighs, "but it's been amazing."

So both Marissa and Mischa have had a beserk year. But how do the actor and her character compare in other departments? As the first season winds down, here are a few clues.

Mischa and Marissa agree on this one-it's bad boys all the way. "I guess the appeal of bad boys is the unknown and the mysterious," says Mischa. "I think girls are inexorably drawn to that unpredictable, I-don't-know-what-you're-going-to-do-next quality."

Mischa should know-like Marissa, who's dating a rough guy Daddy definitely doesn't approve of-because, she says, she has had way too much first-hand experience with bad boys. Asked if any of the guys she has dated in the past would fit that description, she laughs and rolls her eyes. "Probably all of them!" (For the record, however, she insists that her co-star Benjamin McKenzie is not among them, putting the brakes on rumours that the onscreen couple have continued their romance off-screen.)

Deflecting tabloid gossip is one of the few downsides of Mischa's quickie rise to fame since The O.C. debuted last summer. "If you can't laugh at that stuff, you're going to get bogged down by it."

Mischa's wise-beyond-her-years attitude has a lot to do with the fact that she has been acting professionally for years, including roles in Lawn Dogs, Lost and Delirious, Notting Hill, The Sixth Sense (she was the creepy girl under the bed) and guest spots on various TV shows. Unlike Marissa, who has probably been the most popular girl in school since kindergarten, Mischa says she didn't have many friends and didn't fit in. "But when I found acting," she says, "I discovered something I could connect to. Your peers might make fun of you, but adult actors respect you on a different level. Finding that made me grow up quicker. Now I hang out more with kids my own age again, but when I was 10, I had close friends who were in their 20s, 30s and 40s."

Marissa, who has passed out drunk on her parents' driveway and overdosed on pills in a Tijuana alley, is no stranger to pushing limits. Mischa, however, says she prefers to confine her risk-taking to her acting. She's especially fond of acting in projects that are a bit on the weird side. In Lawn Dogs, she played a 10-year-old whose secret friendship with an adult gardener, played by Sam Rockwell, causes turmoil, and in Once and Again, she and Evan Rachel Wood play classmates whose close relationship develops lesbian overtones.

"I'm really drawn to characters who are outside what is socially acceptable," admits Mischa, which might also help explain her sexy appearance in the video for Enrique Iglesias' song "Addicted." Her dirty make-out scene with the 28-year-old singer, complete with momentary flashes of her breasts, prompted grumblings that she was just 17 at the time.

"I'm fine with pushing boundaries," says Mischa, who took the provocative part to work with director Peter Berg. "I look at this from a creative point of view, which is what gets me annoyed when I hear people say I shouldn't have done it. Peter Berg is an awesome director. He's young. He's willing to push the envelope. I like people like that."

Marissa is struggling to maintain a perfect public face while her private life crumbles.

"That's what I love about her," enthuses Mischa.

"She's got a great facade." But if Mischa is maintaining a facade of her own, she's not letting on. Gracious in all encounters with the media, she saves her vulnerable moments for family members and close friends. "I'm a very private person," she insists. "I've learned to deal with the press to a certain extent, but when it intrudes into your personal life, it's not fun anymore."

And when you're barely 18, having fun is serious business, especially with everyone suddenly watching not only your love life but your next professional move. Will she be a TV series breakout princess or a one-note flop?

"It's true. Now there's going to be more pressure as the entire world turns its eyes to see what Mischa Barton's next role is," she smiles. "To be honest, I just want to find really good roles. Whether the rest of the world is going to agree with my choices, I can't say."

Nette Sache das! :) findet


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